A Song for APRIL 06

Click the sonogram to hear and see the sound.

My fiftieth high school reunion was on April 6, 2013. Everyone else in my household was away for the weekend, so I took the dogs with me to the gathering in North Myrtle Beach, SC. On the way up Highway 17 we stopped by the Santee Coastal Reserve, perhaps the best-managed longleaf pine system I know of. My target was Bachman's Sparrow, which is common there because the pine-grass savanna is just what it likes. I was not disappointed. I found this bird singing at eye level and got a good recording, my first ever of this species.

During my residency in Charleston in the 1990s I did not get acquainted with this bird of the pine savannas. But while I was away I read Don Kroodsma's charming account of their singing in Singing Life of Birds (2005). When I came back I was ready. Now I cannot resist recording them every spring.

As you watch the sonogram stream by, see if you can figure out how they organize a singing performance. It's rather intricate. To confirm your suspicions, go here. And you may hear the dogs if you listen carefully.

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