A Song for May 11

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Click the sonogram to hear and see the sound.

Gnatcatchers are tiny gray birds with long, hyperactive tails. Some species live in dry, brushy habitats, others in moist forests. The Blue-gray Gnatcatcher does both, living in dry woodlands in the warmer parts of western North America, and in deciduous forest in the east. The two populations differ slightly in plumage and voice. The vocalization above is the simple song of the eastern population. Most of the notes are very similar to individual sheer calls, which these birds give while foraging. Though not very musical, these sounds are a common part of the soundscape in woodlands of the southern U.S. They are also typical of the sounds of North American gnatcatchers.

If you prefer a static sonogram, you will find one below. Playback controls are just below the figure. The gnatcatcher's notes are the high, squeaky ones.

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