A Song for May 20

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Click the sonogram to hear and see the sound.

As I said yesterday, it's always good to have recording equipment ready because you never know when opportunity will strike. In this case, I was walking out of Barry's Espresso Bakery & Deli in Eugene, no doubt having just devoured one of their best-on-planet cinnamon rolls (this is an endorsement), when I was greeted by the sweet sound of singing Yellow Warblers. "Can this be?" I wondered, because there was only one small tree on the side of the building. I crept into its shade and peered around, confirming the identity of the singers. The car was right there and the gear was ready to go, so I got a bit of song. Now it is your job to count how many individuals are singing. I'm not sure.

Some species sing on migration; some don't. Warblers are pretty good about it, which helps birders add dozens of ticks to their lists in May. Go back three days to the eBird list associated with the Eastern Warbling Vireo and you will find Yellow Warblers there, too. Like these, they were on migration, headed for some green spot in their coast-to-coast breeding range. Yellow Warblers are the most widespread warbler of North America, and they have one of the sweetest songs.

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