A Song for May 31

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In late May of 2010 I made a four-day, three-night expedition to west Texas to sample Cordilleran Flycatcher songs. Each night found me camped and ready to record flycatchers early the next morning. They were cooperative, and so were the other birds. I passed on several good recordings from the Davis Mountains to share this contribution from Big Bend National Park, at dusk.

The Pinnacles rise massively and vertically from the earth, a couple of miles south of the Visitor Center. I bivouacked there (at a designated tent site) for my predawn hike into Boot Canyon, where the flycatchers live. It was a good choice. White-throated Swifts circled overhead repeatedly, and at dusk this wren held forth from somewhere on that massive rock face. This is a song that many people know and love. If you're among those people, then I'm sure you'll enjoy this rendition. If it's new to you, then you have a treat in store. And if you like poetry, I recommend Gary Snyder's poem "The Canyon Wren." There is plenty of discussion of it on the internet.

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